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In such difficult times, it’s important to be kind to one another and try to help as much as we can. In this video, I show you some ideas that will make everyone’s day.
We show you a clip from the time when we found a stray dog and showed it some love. We slowly approached it and gave it food - until the began to trust us. Then, we took it to the vet for a nice shower and treatments. Then they had to groom his hair off. He named him Mick and now he’s the happiest dog.
When someone drops the food out of their car, don’t be afraid to say something. Pick it up and give it back to them or call them out.
If you have an extra pair of umbrellas, always give it to the person who’s standing in the rain.
When you see a homeless person, you can buy them some food or a pair of shoes. This way their feet won’t get cold.
If someone doesn’t have enough food, it’s important to share yours.
If you see that someone left their car window open, you can always stand there and wait for them to come back - if you have nothing to do. This way you can help them protect their car. And remember, kindness always returns.

0:07 - Helping helpless animals - meet Mick
5:40 - Random acts of kindness to make someone’s day
7:17 - Ways to help the homeless
9:18 - Great way to keep someone’s car protected
12:01 - Sweet acts of kindness for kids
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The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment- please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.


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